Complimentary Free Shipping On All Orders. No Hassle Returns.

Complimentary Free Shipping On All Orders. No Hassle Returns.


  • Worked perfectly! I used this on 2 different doors. 1. a residential door on the screw holes on the frame side of hinge and 2. a commercial wood door screw holes of hinge connected to a medal frame. 
    It worked great on both and instruction were super easy to follow.


  • This stuff is awesome!  Worked perfectly, and could not have been easier.  Wish I would have known about this right off the bat instead of all the other fixes I tried that failed miserably.  Will definitely buy again in the future.

    Rob T

  • I had some doors to hang. The screw holes were stripped all to hell.
    This product fixed the problem. Very simple to use. Highly recommended.


  • Pretty cool repair kit! Saved me a couple of times already!

    Colby C

  • I used this for a cabinet door and it was so easy to use and after reattaching the cabinet door with the original screws I feel the assembly is very strong, stronger than ever before. I was so impressed that I ordered another set in the other size to have on hand.


  • I was worried about using this- drill a huge hole in my cabinet??? Ok, if you say so. Honestly, this worked so well I am completely impressed. New hole for hinge is holding perfectly. Very good product!


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