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Worked as advertised

It worked as advertised. It was a relief.

It works!

I look for Made in the USA and I am proud to purchase it. The instructions were easy to follow. The plastic is really solid. The last step shows using a hammer to break off the excess. I found when I tapped it, the new part wanted to shift and/or would have made the hold bigger on this cheap hollow door. I used a Dremel tool and cut it off flush-sanded a little and the door is still up. I can honestly say since I did this on a Saturday, extra church won't be necessary on Sunday. Not a foul word at all....

Haven’t yet used it but have it on hand for when I do.

quick fix

Product worked beautifully with following the simple instructions. My first time using this to repair my door hinge with stripped wood and loose screws.

Great product

Works as intended and will use brand again

Stripped Hole Repair Kit for Doors & More (3/8 Natural)
Satisfied Customer (Virginia Beach, US)
It Works

Worked like a Champ! Easy to use

Not Good

Tried it in one hole, glued it, let it dry, the piece pulled out as soon as I tried to put a screw in it. Would not buy again.

Hello Mr. King,

Sorry to hear that you didn't have any success with the repair. I wonder if we could help troubleshoot the problem with you - would you be willing to send a few photos of the hole and placement of the King's Original dowel? That would be very helpful and I'm sure we can work together to find a solution that works for you!


Andrew King, Owner

Great Product

I truly like this product as it is what I needed. I will use products from this site.

Must have for a new house.

This product has never failed me with a new house settling in the ground. The deadbolts have needed to be raised and lowered and King's Original Stripped Hole Repair Kit as came through with flying colors. I've recommended this product to 2 other friends that also and they love it. Awesome product!!!

Mr. Fisher,
Thank you for the kind words and referral of our product to your friends! We always love hearing customer success stories. Have a wonderful holiday season!

-Andrew King, Owner

Nice product

We’ve had the stripped door for years and finally decided it was time to fix. Found this product and worked very well.


Just moved in a 3 year old home with 4 dead bolt locks. They all were very difficult to unlock and lock. I used this system and now they all work properly.

Works perfectly

Fixed my office bathroom door so it no longer slowly opens while we are using the toilet

Oh wow!

I have to admit, I was skeptical these would work. I was also desperate. The home builders mis aligned a few doors so the deadbolts and latches wouldn't engage. I had to chisel and re-drill everything almost a ¼ inch down on the framing. This put a lot of the new holes right on the edge of the original cuts, which obviously wasn't going to work.
So tried this vs replacing the frame. It works. Seriously, no kidding, it actually works! An internet product that ACTUALLY works. Even seating into a open hole cut, it worked! You can dremel it down after seating it and use it to fill in an exposed drill hole.

Next up is repairing a stripped leg holder on the ottoman and re-hanging the door on the curio.

Long story short, these ACTUALLY work! If you need to fix a stripped out screw hole, or a nail hole, or move a mortise cut frame plate like I did, try this.

Stripped Hole Repair Kit for Doors & More (3/8 Natural)

It worked

I may have put too much glue on the insert because it did not go in the full length of the drilled hole. I cut off the excess with a rotary tool (Dremel type).

Door stop repair

After several repairs with tooth picks, to fix the stripped out hole for the door stop in my front door, I tried Kings. Results were great. 40 minutes start to finish, including waiting 30 minutes for the glue to dry. I couldn't be happier with the results.

It works

I wound up having the exact problem that this product addresses. I ordered it and it came right away. I used it and it worked like magic. Do not put too much glue on the sticks. You only need to go around one part one time.

Excellent product

Very easy to use.

This is the best invention ever

I’ve been struggling with locks/screw holes so many times and trying the toothpick trick but it never really works. This kit is really a great tool to fix holes and start from scratch.


Purchased after stumbling onto the YouTube video for door latch repairs. Had a back door that was not closing tight and needed the door plate adjusted. The previous owners had made multiple adjustments and I virtually had no wood to screw into. After following the instructions it was an easy repair and my door is now closing all the way. Highly recommend.

Stripped Hole Repair Kit for Doors & More (3/8 Natural)
Gerard Gendimenico (Hillsborough, US)
Only solution to missing stud behind the door frame

When properly installed, these nifty little plastic buttons are very strong anchors for door hinge screws. This product spared me from repairing or replacing several door frames.

Strike plate adjustment

I bought the product after watching the video on You Tube. I was able to follow the instructions in the video and it worked perfectly. I was not able to use my deadbolt because the strike plate was slightly too high. I was concerned the repair would not work because when I drilled the top hole, it was not a clean hole due to how close it was to the original hole in the door jamb. But, I went ahead and glued the insert in and waited 30 minutes. The insert held in place when I drilled the pilot hole and screwed the strike plate back in place. Thank you for making a great product!

Easy Fix

I found this product on a YouTube video. It looked like an easy solution to my problem of new strike plates screw holes being off about ⅛ of an inch . They were shipped super fast. Installing the little plugs and then drilling into them was easy. These made the job something I could get done without too much hassle.


Fairly straightforward if you follow the instructions. I wish they made it so that there were 9 segments instead of 8 so you can use 3 segments per screwhole and just cover all three hinges with the kit without having to decide which holes to ration. But that’s just me being lazy.

Work as advertised

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